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Hortatory Exposition

Hortatory Exposition 

The purpose of this text is to persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case.

A Hortatory Exposition text consists of three parts :

1.    Thesis : an announcement of issue concern, 
2.    Arguments : reasons for concern, leading to recommendation, 
3.    Recommendation : a statement of what ought or ought  not to happen (sugestion).

Disappearing Tropical Rainforests

For so many years, the earth’s tropical rainforests have been disappearing. This has been reported in newspapers and on television throughout the world, yet the destruction continues. Large scars have been left where magnificent forest once stood. This is very dangerous for the world.

Firstly, when the trees have been cut down and the land cleared, the soil is easily eroded because there are no roots to bind the earth together.  This is very bad, but when the monsoons come and flood the area, vast tracts of land are washed away. This causes much devastation elsewhere.  Villages that lie in the path of the torrents of mud are buried or swept away. Thousands of people have been killed or injured in massive landslides. Help has had to be brought in from other regions for the starving.

Secondly, not only do the people in the affected areas may lack of food, they are also unable to sow crops. The farming land has been ruined. Much human misery has been caused by man’s thoughtlessness.

Finally, an even more serious global problems is the damage done to the world’s ozone layer.

To solve this worldwide problem, governments should apply pressure to the large companies which have had the trees cut down. It is also important that people should be taught about the dangers of tree-felling so that they might stop doing it. Besides, television programs could help to spread the messege. If a series of hard hitting programs could be shown around the world, more people would be made aware of the dangers  of deterioration.

The following are the language features of a Hortatory Exposition text :

·         Use abstract nouns. Examples ; danger, government.
·         Use technical verbs. Example ; tropical rainforests.
·         Use action verbs. Example ; they should stop… .
·         Use thinking verbs. Example ; they think… .
·         Use modal verbs. Example ; governments should apply.
·         Use connectives. Examples ; firstly, secondly.
·         Use simple present tense. Example ; this is very dangerous.
·         Use passive sentences. Example ; this has been reported.
·         Use evaluative language. Example ; important.

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