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This story is my homework when I was in first class of Islamic Senior High School 2 Mataram!!

~Greatest Regret~
First, when Jennifer was five years old, she was diagnosed with cancerous. Miraclously, her cancer dissapeared though the doctor was to keep it. Her mother so carefully with her. She was not allowed to play in yard so far.
At time, Jenny [her nick name] was playing with a doll, her doll is fell and rolled into the street side of the house. She cried, because maybe her doll will not return again to her. Suddenly Ricky, her new neighbor bend and fetch her doll and came. 
“don’t cry,… this your doll. We were friends ok?.” Said Ricky to Jenny. After that, Jenny and Ricky become bestfriend and they always play together.
One day at high school, Mark, classmate of Jenny was invite Jenny to come out at night. But Ricky came and said, “may not! She’s not allowed out at night!”. And then Mark canceled his invitation and go away. Jenny was angry with Ricky, but Ricky said it was only joking. Jenny doesn’t want to heard the reason why Ricky said like that. And she said at Ricky, “I hate you! I don’t want to see you again!!”.
When Jenny returned to home, her cancer sudden recurrence. Her mother was panic and bring her to hospital for immediately in operation. After surgical operation her cancer, in dream Jenny meet with Ricky. Ricky was smiling and crying.
“I love you Jenny ”, Ricky said softly. Jenny woke up and see her mum was weeping. She ask to her mother, “Where is Ricky? Where is Ricky mum??”. Her mother replied, “Ricky has donated his liver to you. He want you return healthy”. 
After hearing that, jenny was very sad. She has not yet said Goodbye to Ricky. She was very regret, because she had say HATE to Ricky. Jenny hope she can repeat the time again, so she could meet Ricky again and she want to said something important to him..   “I love you too, Ricky ”.


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